Student of the Week: Justin Yoon

This week’s student of the week is Justin Yoon. Primarily a painter, Justin illustrates dreamy visions of psychedelic youth culture.

Scroll down to view a sample of his work and artist statement:

Justin Yoon, Love, Topics: Advanced Painting, Nathan Bond


Justin Yoon, Blue Dreams, Topics: Advanced Painting, Nathan Bond


Justin Yoon, Believe, Illustration Design Studio, Noel Claro


Artist Statement:

Heavily influenced by the ’70s, music, film, and youth culture, my work is about celebrating youth and it’s ephemeral nature. Conceptually, the passage of time and the unique make-up of one’s nostalgia are important to me. I want to portray a vivid, overwhelming period that young people go through in their lives; a feeling of lostness and a dazed, out of state mind. I utilize candy colored extreme fluorescents alongside homoerotic imagery to capture and admire youth at its most extreme. Most of my work is done in acrylic, but I will also sometimes use graphite, glitter, or digital media.

To see more of Justin’s work, be sure to check out his website at:

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