Student of the Week: Franca Barone

This week’s student of the week is Franca Barone. She specializes in illustration work that features her delicate and detail-oriented aesthetic.

Scroll down to view a sample of her work and artist statement:

Franca Barone, Flower Pattern, Senior Thesis 1, Steven Guarnaccia


Franca Barone, Untitled Thesis Excerpt, Senior Thesis 2, Jordin Isip


Franca Barone, Celestino


Artist Statement:

Franca Barone is a senior Illustration student at Parsons The New School for Design. She works in a variety of media, including graphite drawing, oil painting, silkscreen and digital. She loves books, animals, mutants, yoga and modern dance.

To view more of Franca’s work, be sure to visit her website at: