Student of the Week: Emmy Reis

This week’s student of the week is Emmy Reis, illustrator, pattern/printmaker, and animator.
Along with a few of her peers, Emmy was chosen to speak at a special student character design panel at Pictoplasma (which unfortunately was cancelled due to the storm).

Scroll down to view a sample of her work and her artist statement:

Emmy Reis, Be My Valentine, personal


Emmy Reis, Kicking a can, Senior Thesis 1, Lauren Redniss

Emmy Reis, Hikkoshi / New Home, personal hikkoshi_0001

Artist Statement:

Emmy Reis likes to work with characters -some animals, some more ambiguous creatures- that live in a strange but whimsical world. She also likes to draw buildings or strange structures where things grow on top of each other sprouting plants or strange bubbly growths. Emmy Reis enjoys hand-drawn line art, digital rendering, and simple animations.

To view more of her work, please be sure to check out Emmy’s website: