Student of the Week: Annie Seo

This week’s student of the week is Annie Seo. She has a sophisticated graphic yet charming illustrative imagination, and specializes in hand-drawn typography, detailed embroidery work, and character design.

Scroll down to view a sample of her work and artist statement:

Annie Seo, I’m With You, Senior Thesis 1, Steven Guarnaccia
(Chosen to be sold on in collaboration with Parsons X Fab)

Annie Seo, “Quit Following Me!”, Senior Thesis 1, Steven Guarnaccia
quitAnnie Seo, The Pretty Spot, Junior Concepts, Sergio Ruzzio

Artist Statement:

Through her illustrations, Annie is creating a world inhabited by youthful and colorful characters. She enjoys doing witty illustrations that plays with irony and humor. She aspires to make work that can bring happiness to others and unveil as much personality and amusement. She mainly does line drawing, and occasionally paints with watercolor and gouache. She has always loved all craft related activities and has been adding embroidery to her work.
To see more of Annie’s work, please be sure to check out her website: