Student of the Week: Annalise Olson

This week’s student of the week is Annalise Olson. She specializes in animation and watercolor illustration that feature her quirky, humorous characters.

Scroll down to view a sample of her work and artist statement:

Annalise Olson, Skull Parade, personal
(Chosen for the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition 2013)


Annalise Olson, Peter and the Monsters (excerpt), Junior Concepts, Guy Billout


Annalise Olson, Lucha Libre, Sketchbook Warehouse, George Bates


Artist Statement:

A lot of my life at school has been spent trying to make my art look like real things, in the past year I have rediscovered a love of simple doodling and nonsense that comes from who-knows-where. The pieces that have taken off for me have all come from personal doodles that are refocused into a more applicable format. Everything comes from love and watercolor.

To view more of Annalise’s work, please be sure to check out her website at: