Still time to see the LUV-able + WEAR-able show at gallery hanahou

ozarba by juan c. ortiz

Caty Bartholomew’s Toy Concept Development and Design class was happy to be invited to participate in this years LUV-able & HUG-able & WEAR-able show at gallery hanahou. The special challenge was this year’s wearable plush component. Students got very creative, with hats, shawls, brooches and neck pillows, among other wearable items. Congratulations to Juan Ortiz, whose character “Ozarba” was ultimately selected as the finalist to be displayed in the show. There will also be an ongoing slide show in the gallery, of all the students’ submissions.

Character name: Ozarba

Ozarba, came from the Spanish word abrazo, which means hug. I just decided to flip the word backwards. Abrazo= Orzarba. He came from a science lab that experimented on hybrids. Ozarba is the mix of a koala bear, rabbit and a snail. He’s in search to climb on anyone’s back, hold on tight. Hybrids that go wrong need love too. Give Ozarba a chance.

The concept behind my toy creation was to make a toy that was wearable but can have more of a function than an accessory. I chose to create a travel pillow. The toys arms wrap around the neck of the passenger. It will move with the passenger as the may wander around in his/her passenger chair. In doing this it will keep the passenger from having pain or stiff neck.

Congrats to Juan and all the students involved!  Amazing creativity!

Luv-able & Hug-able (and Wearable!): through January 14, 2011

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC
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