Soo Kim Solo Show at Riverside Gallery

Riverside gallery is pleased to announce NY based Artist (and Parsons Illustration Alum) Soo Kim’s first solo exhibition called “Allegory of Objects”.

In this body of work, she is showing new paintings of representative abstract style. Her recent work has become more abstract compared to her past paintings, which were more like paintings that are like drawings. She uses combination and contrast of vibrant and pastel colors, irregular patterns and brush strokes to create the melancholy mood and settings of the whole series.

The focus of “Allegory of Objects” series is about how object can bring out memories from past and resonate sense of a person and how the objects can have different meanings to different groups of people. There are conventional meanings, personal meanings for people who used to own the object, and for those who knew the person who originally owned the object, and the personal history.

Soo Kim observes how the objects imply assumptions about the characters in the first place, and how people would react when they found out their perception and guesses were wrong.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Soo Kim lived briefly for a year in Missouri, while she was attending Jr. high school. During that time, she had road trips of traveling all over the country with her family. She came to New York in 1999, and has been living and working in NY since then. She earned BFA from Parsons School of Design (2006-2008) studying Illustration and Fine Art, and holds another BFA degree in Design from Fashion Institute of Technology (1999-2003). Her art studio is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, where she works on paintings and drawings.

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