Rodger Stevens gets interviewed!



Adjunct Faculty member Rodger Stevens sat down with the great people over at the Spraygraphic Sprayblog and held forth on his art, work ethic, and inspirations. Here’s a taste:

SG: What mediums do you work with?

RS: I work almost exclusively with wire but I wouldn’t kick wood, cardboard or string out of my studio.

SG: Describe your working process when creating a new work.

RS: I think about the thing before falling asleep; draw all about it on the subway; then the work becomes visible in my mind and I try to make it.

SG: What kind of things do you do when you get blocked or find it hard to create something?

RS: There are many things that bridle my ability to work: the demands of being a father for example, but being creatively blocked has so far not been one of them.

SG: Where are you currently finding your inspiration?

RS: Everywhere really. I think just about everything I look at, everything, plays a role in what comes out.

SG: How did you become a freelance artist/designer for companies such as MTV, Tiffanys & Co, Federal Reserve Bank, etc….

RS: Constant hustling; a determination not to be intimidated; a willingness to try anything; and an acceptance of rejection, of which there was/is plenty.

Catch the rest of Rodger’s interview here!