Parsons Illustration students design products for Barnes and Noble!

Parsons Illustration students submitted sketchbooks and finished works to Barnes & Nobles creative executives. Once they narrowed down the selection, we worked directly with the Barnes & Noble art director to develop 18 pieces of artwork. The process was very collaborative and we received feedback on each round of revisions. Ultimately, they selected 3 pieces of art to feature on their products. Two of them were done by Camden Dunning (the coffee journal and the laundry bag) and one was done by Katie Turner (the cute boys journal). Each product has a tag on the back with artist’s credit and a description of the Illustration program at Parsons. They’ll be on display with all the back-to-school products beginning this week nationwide at Barnes & Noble stores.  See more images of the products (some taken by Noel Claro and some by Barnes and Noble) in the slideshow below.  Kudos to Katie and Camden!!


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