Parsons Illustration Alum Jonathan Jay Lee solo show

jonathan jay lee


Fresh from New York City, Jonathan Jay Lee has returned to Hong Kong to breathe new life into the local illustration scene, holding his first solo Hong Kong exhibition from February 10 to February 27 at the Fringe Gallery having worked in the U.S. for esteemed clients such as Marvel Comics.

“The illustration scene in Hong Kong is weak”, says Jonathan, “not because there aren’t a lot of creative people, but because clients aren’t willing to take risks with good ideas.” He believes that his exhibition will inspire and motivate viewers to venture into the illustrative unknown. Others agree; Singer Kary Ng, for whom Jonathan conceptualized and illustrated the Lady K comic book for, comments “Jonathan Jay Lee transformed and brought Lady K to life – one of the best artists I’ve worked with.”

Partnering with artist network Alive Not Dead, Hong Kong events organizer HK Clubbing, ultra-chrome printing specialists Giclee HK and monthly House event Opium Soul, artist Jonathan Jay Lee brings a new visual pleasure of aesthetic, with themes varying from Romance, Science Fiction, True Crime, Lonely Hearts to Zen Buddhism. “Hong Kong needs an illustrative kick in the ass,” Jonathan observes, “Let’s hope this event does just that.”

Congratulations, Jonathan!