Required Orientations for Use of the AMT / SCE Facilities

The available weekly time slots are:

Monday 3:50pm
Wednesday 12pm
Wednesday 3:50pm

Reserve your time slot by emailing Vinny Gargiulo at

The Orientations to the new E4 Facilities include a tour of new facilities available to AMT students in 2 west 13th street including, rubber and resin casting facilities, sewing facilities, new machinery such as mills and lathes as well as plastic bending and polishing tools, vacuuformers and additional spray booths.

In 25 East 13th these will include the new E4 facilities and all related tools and machinery, the new tool check out system and a lesson on table saw usage for the attending students. It will take approximately 1.5 hours and is required for students wanting to use the facilities or to check out tools.