NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium: Hanneriina Moisseinen

hanneriina-moisseinen_father_2The 108th meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium will be held on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 8 pm at Parsons The New School, 2 West 13th Street, in the Bark Room (off the lobby). Free and open to the public. Please note 8 pm starting time.

Hanneriina Moisseinen will discuss and show her recent work. A trailer for the documentary Lauluhttp://www.tuffifilms.com/documentary

The comic artist Hanneriina Moisseinen (born in Joensuu, Finland in 1978) has an artistic background in fine arts, especially drawing, sculpting and installation, but she has been doing comics since her teenage years.
Moisseinen’s debut album Sen synty (2005) is a collection of illustrated old folktales from the Viena Karelia area. The follow-up, Setit ja partituurit / Sets and Scores (2010), contains more contemporary stories about embarrassing situations in daily life. Isä / Father (2013) tells a real life story how a father of a family disappears with no reason, and is never found again. The themes in her stories are serious, but many times the humor bursts out in unexpected ways.
In the recent years, Moisseinen has been challenging the limits of comic expression by including sewing and embroidery in her work. The technique is slow but produces a strong emotional effect. At the moment she is working on her fourth comic album about cows and other animals in the Second World War.