New electives for 2016!

PANORAMA: Parsons in China, 2016

with legendary Sven Travis, Mondays 9am [CRN 3747]

PANORAMA is a work/travel AMT Collaboration Studio taking place spring semester 2016 (and beyond), in NYC and six Chinese cities (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Chongqing, and hopefully Lhasa, Tibet). Participants will meet during the spring semester once every two weeks, and then travel to China between May 18th and June 8th. Students can enroll for between 1 and 3 credits. You must be enrolled in the PANORAMA studio to join the China trip. There are no prerequisites for this studio. Students of any age may join. This is an ideal studio for Illustration students. Come participate and represent, and experience the trip past participants have described as “the single coolest thing I did at Parsons”.

The panorama is an eternal topic of art, and we all identify with the theme. The idea of “panorama” can be interpreted from literal, spiritual, or cultural perspectives. This studio will augment traditional methods of creating panoramas (photographic, painterly, written) with state-of-the-art photo, video, or computational technology. Students will pursue their own individual projects, and will also work in groups: 2 or 3 students from NY will be combined with 2 or 3 from China to create “panoramas across a distance”. Such group projects might range from traditional image exchange or “exquisite corpse” experiments to projects taking advantage of cutting edge network capabilities, interactive work, or even dynamic creative coding and/or physical computing; focus will depend on student interest and skills. During the China trip there will be workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, and massive exploration of six Chinese cities.

An information session about PANORAMA: Parsons in China, 2016 will take place Weds Dec 9th (next week) at 6:45pm, in UC L104 (lower level UC). You can also email for more info.

Expressive Drawing Across Media
with Veronica Lawlor, Mondays 9am [CRN 6794]

Create experimental drawings, both from the model and on location, through exercises with color, texture, calligraphy, pattern and shape.

What makes a “good” drawing? This studio class will experiment hands-on with mixed media to investigate the ingredients of drawing and picture making: calligraphy, marks, pattern, color, shape, and dimension. Students will work with these elements individually as well as combining them in different ways, becoming more aware of their own taste and proportion in the process.

Each week will feature a different medium, location, and direction. Class time will be spent working with the figure, both nude and in costume, and drawing on-site at New York City locations such as Grand Central Station, the Highline, Rockefeller Center, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We will review drawings of current and master artists to inspire our work as well.

This class will encourage you to push yourself artistically; trying new mediums, new thoughts, and new design ideas. Explore picture making differently from your usual way of working, and free up your expectations of what a drawing can be!

Julia_Sverchuk_Synaesthesia_2015_06 lawlor-marks-(texture)-and-calligraphy-balloon-vendor

with Sammy Cucher, John Jerard, Alla Eizenberg, [CRN 6242]
more information here.

3 cr Independent Study: Animation for TEDC
with Jess Irish (Tues afternoons). Email with some samples of previously animated work.
Be part of a select team of students to create public facing animated work to provide information about Energy and Greenhouse Gases, Food, Water, Waste/Pollution, Advocacy. The Tishman Environment and Design Center (TEDC) fosters the integration of bold design, policy, and social justice approaches to environmental issues to advance just and sustainable outcomes in the context of diverse community participation. Let’s Design a future we want to live in.