Illustration Students in the Central Park Wreath Interpretations Exhibition

Illustration Sophomores Shivani Mithbaoker, Wendy Koo, Brett Silvers, Kirsten Do, Ava Chen, George Monje, Emily Becker in Wendy Popp’s class will have their work featured in the Central Park Wreath Interpretations Exhibition 2016.

Popp’s criteria was that they do an interpretation as an assignment as well as a proposal on which they were to be judged. She had them submit the proposal independently and at their own option. The wreaths may be sold, (should the artist want to sell), to benefit the Central Park Conservancy.

Popp says, “There was a level of difficulty built into this because I expected them to work in something that pushed their comfort levels and to explore new material – while expressing an opinion. There were many significant lessons learned.”

The gallery is on 5th Avenue at the Arsenal Building in front of the Central Park Zoo. Check it out!