From the Inbox: Illuxcon

Current student Chantal Bennett passed along information about this exciting event…

Illuxcon, in Altoona, PA, is the first and only convention dedicated exclusively to fantastic illustration art. IlluxCon is intended to be a symposium, rather than a typical convention. The primary objective is to create a space where close personal interactions can take place between artists, their fans, collectors and students of the genre. There will be an original art show as well as demonstrations, panels and artist booths.

Guests include Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Jon Foster, Stephen Hickman, Ruth Sanderson, Bob Eggleton, Rebecca Guay, Tiffany Prothero, Charles Vess, Eric Fortune, Omar & Sheila Rayyan, Michael Whelan, Greg Hildebrandt, and many more.

Also, the greatest part of this conference is that the student passes are FREE! The passes entitle you to go to the entire conference, not just selected days.

If you are interested in carpooling to attend the conference, get in touch with Chantal to coordinate.