Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry at gallery hanahou

Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry
gallery hanahou
Through February 25, 2011

Curated by renowned artist, fashion illustrator, and educator Bil Donovan, “Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry” brings together 14 of the most talented and innovative artists working in fashion illustration today for an exhibition that showcases the possibilities of the genre to complement, respond to, and sometimes transcend fashion.

The pieces in the exhibition represent artists from a number of different countries and a broad spectrum of styles. Taken together, their client lists cover every perspective of fashion, from small labels to large retailers and all manner of media.

Statement from the curator

Fashion Illustration is Unique. The ideas, practice and concepts that drive this genre of work are not easily defined. Fashion Illustration documents a window in time, presenting trends and fashion through a historical perspective. It revolves around a fascination with the figure, its form, gesture, movement and grace, filtered through the lens of fashion. Traditionally, stylization has been the guiding force behind this fascination, grounded in a foundation of figure drawing and anatomy, revealing the spirit and essence of the figure.

Today, the fascination with the figure and fashion continues, but is now played against a backdrop of new techniques, technologies, and concepts resulting in work that is graphic, dynamic and blurs the boundaries between high and low art. Themes such as abstraction, mythology, and fantasy, whether representational, expressive or minimal are projected through the personal vision of the artist.

It is an exciting period for Fashion Illustration as this genre of art continues to evolve with captivating images that nurture the imagination, grace the page and charm the viewer. In essence, Fashion  Illustration is visual poetry.

Bil Donovan


Bil Donovan
Carlos Aponte
Cecilia Carlstedt
Daniel Egneus
David Downton
Eveline Tarunadjaja
Jeffrey Fulvimari
John Jay Cabuay
Laura Laine
Samantha Hahn
Sara Singh
Stina Persson
Tina Berning
Tobie Giddio

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