Competitions: Science Idol–The Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest

This spring, creative minds like you can show off their artistic and comedic talents in support of independent science. Enter the third annual Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest today!

Federal government science has played a large role in the policies that keep us safe and healthy and protect our environment. Unfortunately, recent investigations and surveys show that political interference in science threatens the great scientific legacy that the United States has worked so hard to establish.

With the presidential election only six months away, we are at a critical point in our campaign to protect federal government science from manipulation, suppression, and distortion. While guarding against last minute attacks from the outgoing administration, we need to build a foundation to guide the next

Now, concerned scientists, citizens, and cartoonists, can join together against the corruption, distortion, and censorship of federal government science!

Here’s your chance to defend science with your doodles and win some great prizes in the process!


The Union of Concerned Scientists is looking for your creative take on the issue of political interference in science and the tasks that await our next president to restore scientific integrity to federal policy making. Submit one- panel or multi- panel print cartoons that address the misuse of science on a specific issue or in general, the affects of this abuse on our society, or your hope for the new administration. This year, we are looking for cartoons that fit into one of three specific categories, so before you put pen to paper, please check out the contest guidelines to make sure you’re on the right track. The deadline for submission is June 11.

Last year’s contest educated hundreds of thousands of people about how our health, safety, and environment suffer when scientists are censored, reports are suppressed, and scientific documents are altered. And because of the 2008 Scientific Integrity Calendar, featuring all 12 finalists, the cartoons are hanging nationwide in cubicles and on doors in universities, government offices, private companies, and even on Capitol Hill!

Here are the judges for this competition– talented cartoonists who will be choosing the top  12 finalists:

–  Dave Coverly –  Creator of the syndicated cartoon “Speed Bump”
–  Kevin Kallaugher –  Editorial cartoonist for The Economist
–  Mike Keefe –  Editorial cartoonist for the Denver Post
–  Wiley Miller –  Creator of the syndicated cartoon “Non Sequitur”
–  Jesse Springer –  Last year’s Science Idol winner
–  Signe Wilkinson –  Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonist for the Philadelphia Daily News

Whether you are a scientist, an artist, a professor, or a high school or college student, your cartoons will help us restore scientific integrity to federal policy making. Check out the contest guidelines and get those creative juices flowing.

For more information on prizes, guidelines, deadlines, visit the official website.  Good luck!