AMT and Illustration Faculty Steven Guarnaccia to Exhibit Work at Nobrow ELCAF in London

Steven Guarnaccia

Work by Steven Guarnaccia

AMT Illustration Faculty Member Steven Guarnaccia will be featuring his exhibition titled, Fatherland, at the upcoming Nobrow’s ELCAFestival in London. The exhibition will be on view from June 20 – 27th. Fatherland originally opened this spring at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

About the exhibition: Guarnaccia’s childhood, family history and fraught relationship with his father are the themes of this exhibition. The show features a series of transformed objects, which Guarnaccia dedicates to the memory of his father: painted shoes, vests, pipes, duckpins and rusty saws, along with wooden shirts and paper neckties made by the artist. Guarnaccia emblazons these objects with patterns, puns and emblematic phrases from his childhood. The objects suggest a narrative, an interplay of images and words that explore notions of memory, father-son relationships and coming of age.