Alumni of the Week: Jessica Deutsch

“Ever since I can remember drawing has been my outlet for expressing everything. When I am happy I draw and when I am sad I draw even more. As an observant Jew most of my work is religiously inspired. I believe that tradition carries so much wisdom, but also needs to be processed through to feel applicable to the time I am living in. Spending hours on a project allows me to organize my thoughts and actualize them into a piece of art. I hope to inspire others to question their reality with my work, but more importantly to simply make people smile. I want to show that there is always something deeper to the reality we see every day. Whether it is a lesson from a sacred text or my own thoughts, I want to provide a suggestion of meaning, worth, and happiness to my audience. I like to think of my work as wishes for the world.”

Jessica graduated last spring! Want to get in touch?  Email her at and visit her website here.

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