Alumni of the Week: Emily Eibel


With her alter-ego, Tomby, Parsons Illustration alumna Emily Eibel defies the common perception that every illustrator has one distinguishable “style” of work. 

The organic qualities expressed through Emily’s stitched works in contrast to the highly technical and rigid qualities of Tomby’s pixel work may immediately suggest two entirely different artists are behind them; however, as Emily herself suggests, “it’s really just one style in two mediums.” She likens the layer-building process of her pixel illustrations to painting, while considering the stitch work as more like drawing with thread. She claims the solutions in one medium lend themselves directly to the other medium, making it much easier for her to balance the complexities of working as both Emily and Tomby.

Emily’s selected clients boast an impressive list of names including The New York Times, WIRED Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Maxim, The New Yorker, and more!

To see more of her work visit her official website: AND