Alum Brian Ajhar illustrates new book: Gone with the Wand


Parsons Illustration Alum Brian Ajhar (’80) has a new book coming out in April called Gone with the Wand. Brian contributed the illustrations while Margie Palatini wrote the story. Here’s a snippet of the Kirkus review:

When a fairy godmother’s wand gets that burnt look, and she doesn’t even have enough “bippidy left in her to salacadoo one more pumpkin,” it just may be time for a change of specialty. Or so advises Tooth Fairy Second Class Edith B. Cuspid, dismayed to see the legendary Bernice Sparkelstein sinking into a funk. Unfortunately, experiments with fairy dust, snowflakes and especially sugarplums don’t work out for Bernice at all. It’s time for something less traditional. In a flash of inspiration Edith comes up with just the thing. Tucking occasional bits of funny business into the backgrounds, Ajhar matches Palatini’s typically twinkly, playful prose with offhandedly baroque scenes of the two middle-aged fairies-one short and round in apron and pinafore, the other tall, skinny and sporting a feathered boa beneath a mane of frizzy red ringlets-flitting hither, yon and into the bedrooms of sleeping young royals. [Emphasis added]

You can pre-order your copy here and see more of Brian’s work at his official website.

Congrats, Brian!