AIGA/NY @Parsons Lecture Series: Designer’s Debate Club #3

A limited number of complimentary tickets are available for New School students, faculty, and staff (NSU ID required). 


 The reservation system will shut down once we have reached capacity. 


Tishman Auditorium
Lobby, 66 West 12th Street

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
6:30PM Check-in
7:00-8:30PM Presentation

In collaboration with Designer’s Debate Club, AIGA/NY is proud to announce the third session of this ongoing debate series!

Motion to be Debated: Formal design education is necessary for practicing designers.

So you spent 2-4 years of your life dabbling in “experimental” typography,  producing faux packaging for high-end artisanal ramen (while subsisting on the low-end stuff),  and pumping out unsolicited rebrands that would make any stodgy corporation look like a post-war era retro dream—and you got the portfolio to prove it.

Everyone is looking for a leg up,  a workaround the mediocre middle. Is a formal design education the best way to get there?

Practitioners,  professionals,  thinkers,  scholars. Hustlers,  hackers,  bootstrappers,  ballers. It’s time to bring your A-game and settle the score. Is it the dawn of the DIYers,  the age of self-taught talent? Is design education outdated,  outmoded? Or does a formal design education still make the grade?

The Proceedings:

Opening vote: Audience chooses to side For the motion, Against the Motion, or Undecided.

Round 1 : Opening Statements

Round 2 : Rebuttal

Round 3 : Floor Speeches (Audience jumps in the Brawl)

Round 4 : Closing Statements

Closing Vote : Audience votes again and winner is measured by which side has swayed more votes.


Moderated by:

Scott Stowell, Proprietor of Open & instructor at Yale and SVA.


Arguing For the Motion:

Alice Twemlow, Co-Founder of SVA’s D-Crit MFA

Matteo Bologna, Founder and principal of Mucca Design

Mystery Guest, Chief of Radness at a Place


Arguing Against the Motion:

Able Parris, Associate Design Director of Big Spaceship

Peter Vidani, Design Director at Tumblr

Liz Danzico, Co-founder and chair of SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design