After the Fact: Montclair Art Museum Project

Students and Organizers of the exhibition

Montclair Art Museum recently held a exhibit called “The Elements of Fear” featuring work from the Sophomore Materials and Methods classes of the Parsons Illustration Department.

Gallery view

Jason Towns of the Montclair Art Museum’s “Museums and Opportunity Project,” a clubhouse program empowering people with brain injuries, has partnered with Parsons School of Design Illustration Department. on a unique classroom assignment.  The final results are currently on display at the Montclair Art Museum.

The project was about fear and how it is a factor in many emotions that are manifested in universal words. The assignment for this exhibition was to create illustrations that show how familiar words have an underlining element of fear.

The Parsons instructors were Ruth Marten, Chang Park, and Bob Sikoryak.

Chantal Bennett and Jason Towns

Congratulations to all the students involved in this exhibition and the instructors who helped them.  Also, our thanks to curator Jason Towns and Gary Schneider, Director of Education at the Museum, for inviting our students to participate.

Another gallery view

[Thanks to Bob and Cynthia for the images!]