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Games for Change Seeks Community & Content Manager

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The Community & Content Manager is responsible for building and maintaining the community presence (on-line and at various community events) of Games for Change. In many cases, this individual is the first point of contact representing the organization and is a critical member of the team – providing both the vibrancy and continuity of the community experience. The right candidate will be proactive and engaged in the use of media to advance social change, in particular, the emerging field of social impact games. The Community & Content Manager serves as a vital link between the staff and its community of game developers, designers, NGOs, funders and civil society organizations making and using games to create change on myriad social issues. This is a new position and one with tremendous growth as it resides at the center of the organization’s ability to serve as a transparent, effective and participatory resource and facilitator connecting numerous constituents around this emerging media platform.
Reports to the Co-Presidents of the organization.

• Vibrant oversight, content refreshing and creation, and technical maintenance of GAMES FOR CHANGE’s social networking tools (accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo) and on-line spaces, including its website and dynamic on-line resources
• Use of on-line tools which ensure real-time dissemination of content from and remote participation in GAMES FOR CHANGE live events (e.g., timely upload and archived digital assets such as slides, video, hand-outs from speaking engagements and events)
• Monitor and pro-actively contribute to the on-line discussion of games, social impact games, and social issues across Games for Change’s own discussion list and more broadly, the social web.
• Write and edit the bi-monthly e-newsletter as well as regularly refreshing content for the GAMES FOR CHANGE website and blog.
• Initial review and assessment of all game submissions for the Game Channel on the site.
• Archive and update all GAMES FOR CHANGE resources (on-line for community or public access via search engines as well as internal materials from GAMES FOR CHANGE events)
• Oversight of all photography and videography needs for coverage of GAMES FOR CHANGE events, including posting of material in timely fashion into appropriate networks and organization’s website
• Attendance at community events related to games, and/or social impact games or social issues – as requested
• Maintenance of a release schedule and announcements of all upcoming RFP (requests for proposals) for relevant game projects, upcoming relevant events and conferences (worldwide), and upcoming releases and info on availability on new social impact games
• Oversight, production and trafficking of all Games for Change advertising and marketing materials. Responsible for creating and managing production and delivery schedules of photo/video documentation, and for establishing and maintaining a logical archival system. The Community Manager will be responsible for coordinating production logistics with venues, fielding media requests for photos, and for hiring and overseeing volunteer/intern photographers, videographers and video editors, if necessary.
• Encourage member-to-member interaction (i.e., teasing out conversations in the G4C discussion list or match making following inquiries to G4C)
• Create reports that track metrics (through tools such as our Google analytics and Google adwords accounts) related to successful engagement on-line with the community and general public and/or highlight areas requiring improvement.
• Create and oversee participation surveys for live events.

An ideal candidate will have proficiency in:
Development: Web (HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL)
Software: Microsoft Office 2003/2007, Power Point or Keynote, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, Dreamweaver or WordPress
Platform: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X

• Managing on-line forums and communities for at least 1-2 years and/or maintaining a content-rich blog for at least 1-2 years
• Excellent editorial & writing skills
• A love and knowledge of games, a curiosity about their use in creating real-world social impact
• Strong organizational and communications skills – ability to mediate and communicate effectively
• A passion for networking – in person and on-line – and tools which facilitate networking and resource sharing (i.e., websites, blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc.)

Founded in 2004, Games for Change is a non-profit which seeks to harness the extraordinary power of digital games to address the most pressing issues of our day, including poverty, education, human rights, global conflict, women’s empowerment and climate change. Games for Change serves as a platform for organizations, individuals, government agencies, academics, journalists and the game industry to share best practices, exchange knowledge, incubate new projects and provide access to those seeking to use digital games to positively impact society.

How to Apply:
Please send cover letter and resume to Michelle Byrd, Co-President, Games for Change at No calls, please.

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