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MFA DT Grads Roll into Burning Man

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In a couple of weeks Burning Man returns and we’re proud to say some MFA DT alum will be representing on the playa. Lynn Maharas, Erik Burke, Mark Bruels (all 2009 graduates) received an honorarium to contribute a digital graffiti installation to the festival. Ghost Train is a secretive fleet of New York City subway trains in the desert that allow people to create their own digital graffiti through modified painting tools. Participants use a hacked aerosol can to produce a stream of light rather than paint. The light appears to adhere to the digital projection of a moving train car across the screen.  Throughout the event a life-size train moves across the screen, stops for an indefinite amount of time, and then moves again creating an infinite train-car canvas for participants to decorate from 9pm-6am daily. As participants paint the projected train their work not only stays with the train visually, but also reappears randomly on future trains throughout the Burning Man festival.

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