Photo Contest: This is What Equality Looks Like to Me

This is What Equality Looks Like To Me — Photo Contest

Equality Indicators

CUNY ISLG’s Equality Indicators team developed a framework for measuring equality in Economy,
Education, Health, Housing, Justice, and Services. Equality, as we define it, is everyone having the same
outcomes regardless of disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, race, ethnicity, immigration status,
place of residence, and other characteristics.

Our framework is based on a data‐driven approach to measuring equality.
But we know data cannot tell the whole story.
That is why we are inviting you to share a photo that captures what equality looks like to you.

Who Is Eligible To Participate
Anyone is eligible to participate. Only one photo per contestant please.

The Rules
1.) Photos must be original (no downloading photos from Google free images) and under no
copyright restrictions
2.) Photos should be recent (taken in 2015)
3.) Entries should be high resolution in JPEG format

What You Will Win
1st Prize – An Ipad, An Equality Indicators T‐Shirt or tote bag, and Annual Report for NYC 2015
2nd Prize – An Equality Indicators T‐Shirt or tote bag
3rd Prize – An Equality Indicators Annual Report for NYC 2015
All winning photos will be posted on the Equality Indicators website.

Judging Criteria
Photos will be judged on how well they capture population groups and/or themes that are included in
the Equality Indicators study. Winning pictures should be thought‐ and/or emotion‐provoking.

The Population Groups
12 groups who are likely to experience inequality in NYC:
• Children under 18
• Immigrants
• Individuals currently in jail or on probation
• Individuals living in poverty
• Individuals with a physical or intellectual disability
• Individuals with less than a high school diploma
• Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals (LGBTQ)
• Racial and ethnic minorities
• Religious minorities
• Seniors 65 and over
• Single parents
• Women

The Themes
Six thematic areas were explored in the indicator study:
• Economy
• Education
• Health
• Housing
• Justice
• Services

Deadline for Entry
December 18, 2015

How To Enter
Email your photo to
• Your Name
• Your Email Address
• Your Phone Number
• Your City & State
• One sentence about your photo

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates about the contest.
Good Luck!