BFA Photo Student Andy Engelhoff Zine Launch and Exhibition at Parsons Paris Exhibition Space

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Andy Egelhoff presented a selection of his work in the Parsons Paris gallery space from 27-29 November.

This exhibition marked the launch of SPRKLBB; a zine project merging image and text. The zine itself is informed by the artist’s current work on queer spaces and communities. SPRKLBB is the first in a series of releases and projects currently being undertaken by the artist under the collective banner BB. BB will seek to provide space for artistic reflection on the current state of visibility for queer-identifying individuals on a global scale.

Shot in Berlin on Portra 800 over a span of six months, SPRKLBB chronicles the artist’s experience of Berlin as a participant in the ongoing easyJet phenomena. Blurring the lines between participant and tourist, Andy’s trips explored the milieu of the German capital as it neared the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the unique politics concerning urban life, the queer community at the center of the city’s nightlife, and the darkness and vibrance that continue to mix as the cold war era attempts a return.