I am Sophie Arazi and currently a junior at Parsons the New School for Design studying Illustration and Photography. I’m from Key West, Florida and enjoy making short films, photographs and illustrations. Most of my photographs are black and white prints created through traditional photography methods. My illustrations are mainly watercolor or gouache scenes of nature containing a soft color palette. I enjoy making short films that are black and white and inspired by films from the 1960s. I combine my taste for vintage photographs and films with my personal love for nature when creating a work. In the future, I hope to achieve a job in the field of photography or film. I really enjoy making short films and I would like to have to opportunity to work in the film industry.

Hanyu Cui came from China. He studied Fashion Design and Society at Parsons and is now in the second year of the program. He’s launched his first clothing collection at New York Fashion Week and also he became a finalist of CFDA + the 2017 Geoffrey Beene Design Scholar Award. Hanyu is passionate about painting and drawing comics. His design philosophy involves combining painting and garment design.

Jessica Alberg is a queer west coast poet currently doing her required time in New York City. She is a double master of poetry, holding one MFA from The New School and one MsC from The University of Edinburgh. She is a great lover of illustration, graphic novels, and webcomics. When not falling out of trees, or talking to the moon, she’s busy not texting people back. Check out her website Cherry Lizards and Other Gods!

Angela Chen is an illustrator currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in visual narrative forms such as picture stories, comics, etc and also experienced in bookmaking. For more information, visit her website. She helped design and administer Exactly As It Happens.

Danny Dang is an Asian-American, queer kid from Minnesota – now stumbling his way through New York City. He makes games, draws comics, and designs stuff. He’s worked with companies like Nike, Cartoon Network, and What Pumpkin Studios. Danny is a co-founder of beyondabc, a social impact games studio. When he’s trying to escape the digital world, you can find Danny in the comics section at The Strand.

Clair Gunther has been making comics for years in secret and has only recently started showing them to people besides her neighbors. She was excited to debut her zine Mel Issue #1 at MoCCA Festival. While comics are her true calling, she dabbles in painting, print-making and animation. She made a website over spring break,

Hairuo Jiao is a Chinese student in the MFA Design & Technology program at Parsons. She loves books. She loves painting. Hairuo says “Making comics is a way for me to know more about myself.  My work is guided by my ignorance which is a source of instinct and vision.” Her videos can be seen here.

Mica la Marica (neé Micael Cimet Shoijet) is a mixed-genre mixed-gender mixed up writer and artist from São Paulo, was born in Mexico, studied in Israel, and now lives in NYC. Mica draws and writes and is currently working on a multilingual image-text novel called Mica’s Genesis.

Hazel Ng is an illustrator who works primarily in zines, comics, and drawing. She is most interested in exploring the ways in which emotion informs narratives of human and cultural experience, and the kinds of social structures that in turn inform these emotions and narratives. Her work can be found at

Dakota Nicklaus  – nickd510 (at)

Wing Tang is a graduate of the Parsons Fine Arts program. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at City College of New York. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wing is fascinated by the crowded nature in the city juxtaposed to the natural beauty of landscapes. Her website is here.

Yutong Wang  – wangy534 (at)