Woo Lim Lee

Hundreds of very specific objects, places, and time that had a very specific narrative of my own were collected, in three different forms: illustrations, photos, and words. 

Documented mundanity, giving vagueness and generality. Giving images and drawings generality is to give simplicity: poetic, slower, and soft mood to the work. Later the illustrations became more abstract and simple. The work became more about documenting personal emotions, thoughts, and unconsciousness, rather than only documenting things around. I was basically mapping out my emotions, thoughts, feelings, and my brain. I was literally mapping out myself. 

This project is modular in a way, in which, how all four different platforms work together as a whole while using the same assets.
Something common and ordinary is important and also very precious. True happiness could be found and obtained in the ordinary, not always from something special and abnormal. The work gives freedom for thoughts for the audience to look back and around on their everyday lives, letting the audience to experience the reverse effect through my big project. I hope they get to look back on their everyday life, not specifically mine, necessarily.