Ruby Sgueglia
I am a multi-media artist and illustrator who works with various sculptural materials but my drawing practice is the foundation for all of my work, and in all projects I return to the ideas that are explored in these selected images.
I am greatly interested in light-heartedness and seriousness and allegories and fact and trying to find a way to create images that represent the invisible tension between these kinds of things. In the work he body is both itself and not itself in the sense that the creatures in my images are interacting with the space they exist in, and in that they exist in a space at all, but the body is also  a symbol for different bodies. I approach story-telling and image making with the presumption that the body can be so affected by the world it may change form in response, in such a way that results in ridiculous forms, impossible bodies that are in impossible spaces. It can be there and not there at the same time. I am constantly trying to open new avenues for storytelling by adopting dreamlike logic, letting serious and silly blend together.