Michael Costello

Film, traditionally, is a formulaic, self contained, centralized and grandiose medium, all of which are antithetical to my work. My brain does not think in film. My brain thinks in collage. The majority of my 2D works are collections of arbitrary ideas floating around my brain, frankensteined together to form obscure, yet compelling compositions. This way of working allows me to expel whatever has been stuck in my head and produces unusual work not easily interpreted. My goal was to design a project where I could take a number of random ideas and construct a narrative film around them. I decided that I wanted to tell a story about the relationship between two characters, produce only analog assets, and present in 1 to 1 ratio. With those parameters in place, I let my mind wander, hop from idea to idea, and stitch together what eventually became Strawberry Fields, a story about a person and their pet.