Jo Roman
Throughout the explorations of my work I have played with the themes of tangibility of memory, nostalgia and emotion. In ways there is a sense of comfort when thinking about the past, which brings about a slew of wondrous emotion and curiosity. I am often inspired by vintage objects, my own memories and human emotion.I also grab from experiences I’ve had with close ones and their varied, unique pleasures.  The selection of work exhibited consists of personal projects, thesis and other experimental work.

While I primarily utilize animation to convey my narratives and ideas, I also love to explore with collage material and mixed-media illustration with a wide array of vibrant colors. Works like “All Together Now” and “Follow the Leader” explore the allures of collaboration and intimacy in terms of musicianship. “Cubicle” and “Teacup” are works pulled from two separate shorts that focus on characters and the things that they value in their own personal lives.