Jasmin Lee Hack

This body of work within the year of thesis has played with the notion of dreamscapes, whether memories or fantasies. The work focuses on surreal expression and the use of brushstrokes and mundane symbolic objects to represent themes of displacement, personal dreamscapes to cope and interpret reality. As an illustrator, the challenge is to create something that devoid linear storytelling and play with how my personal brushstroke can represent an interpretation of real life. Within the oil painted series based within a book titled The 77th Hour, notions of early family life and personal growth are explored through the painting of transitional and personal objects, specifically for me the intimacy of bed sets. In the digital illustrated images, including two paired images for the exploration of isolation during Coronavirus, an exploration of vibrant colors and mundane actions in a tropical scape give a sense of desire and question for how we place ourselves into an alternate reality when refined to a routine life completely alone. The body of work and future work all aims to play with how I interpret reality and how it sits within my subconscious.