Eewen Chew
Perhaps due to a nomadic, somewhat turbulent childhood, I never enjoyed being pinned down to a specific form or style in terms of both the art I create and the way in which people view me. As such, my body of work tends to meander into different directions, drawing from a wide array of influences and cultures in an attempt to explore the aesthetic notions of cuteness and beauty juxtaposed against that of the strange and grotesque.

My thesis in comparison was the most personal piece I had ever done; a six-month long project chronicling the decline of a longstanding relationship very dear to me as it occurred. Much of the piece was done with very little planning, mindless bits of straight-ahead animation that were really just moments of catharsis unknowingly coming together to feed into a larger narrative of both the euphoria and disaster of love – the idea of being brought flying high only to come plummeting down.