Carly Blumenthal
A common theme that appears throughout my body of work is that of “home”. I believe that “home” is more than a place; rather, it is the constants, objects, routines, and people that one surrounds themselves with. I am often inspired by nostalgia, and much of my work relies on whimsical visuals alike to children’s books. My thesis film, Home Sweet Shoe Home, follows a young cat as she overcomes the anxiety of moving out of her childhood home. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, and this piece was no exception. The animated short film consists of a combination of hand-painted backgrounds, digital 2D animation, and 3D clay sculptures. I see Home Sweet Shoe Home as a culmination of the themes that I have used in my past work. My work lives in a colorful and strange world, and I hope that viewers can find comfort in the human stories that I wrap up in storybook packaging.