Bernice Ho
My work uses character design and world building as foundations to convey humorous, positive, and personal themes. This particular selection consists of two sets of work: one includes my thesis project, and the other was produced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
My body of work pertaining to the Covid-19 outbreak is derived from two projects. One is a zine from my first week of social distancing titled “This Strange Intermission” that was made in light of my roommate leaving New York and addresses how I had to acclimate to a new normal. The other project features illustrated label designs for alcoholic beverages, as they have become integral to life under lockdown.
Titled “For a Friend”, my thesis project explores how the notion of self care is a highly individualized pursuit. These illustrations highlight how there is no hard and fast way to perform acts of self care. Rather, my characters engage in a variety of thematic activities while providing suggestions on how audiences may tailor their own self care agenda to their own needs.