Beatriz Cifuentes
In my work, I’ve had the chance to take on very different journeys: from revisiting my childhood from the perspective of mental health, to addressing the current situation of grief, isolation and overall uncertainty of COVID-19, to the ever-changing reality of my faith as a catholic woman, and even to the geckos who’d mate all over my walls in my childhood home… Nonetheless, I’ve find myself consumed by the process of art making: the conversations with other creatives on what I’m working on, my tendency of black and white, the process of going from analog to digital then back to analog, within the same piece, printing pieces over and over again until I get the right texture, and so on. I feel like I always have things to say, but through my art I’ve learned to listen; to my process, to my materials, to my ideas and other’s ideas… I can proudly say I’m very happy with what I do; in a time where being happy is rare.