Anahat Kapur

Bath Bomb is an interactive problem-solving project, which allows viewers to play out the role of a detective set in a crime investigation genre narrative. The central piece is a 3-D model of a possible crime scene with an emphasized focus on detail and aesthetic choices, woven together in a crisp story-line that provides the viewers with a series of clues and suspects.  The participant is charged with the role of an investigator trying to unfold the events of the crime scene by closely scrutinizing the details of the interiors along with the tertiary props serving as evidence in order to conclude on a most-likely suspect based on virtue of elimination. The project aims to provide the gamers with an all immersive experience, that begins with a voice-over to introduce the circumstances surrounding the suspect’s death, followed by a ten-minute time frame to allow the viewers to study the miniature model accompanied by background scoring to add to the authenticity of the experience. The audience is also allowed to study the profiles of the victim and the three suspects, along with their statements given to the police, all focused towards creating an innovative gaming environment through the creation of an authentic miniature set, engrossing the viewer with a challenging mystery. The question is, can you solve this mystery?