Aquina Dicha

  • Aquina Dicha

  • An Idiot’s Guide to Crashing

  • Fear is an overwhelming presence that often holds a person back from reaching their full potential

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    Using characters I created and loosely based off of my own friends, the purpose of this book is to tell a story of fear and growth. My perfectionist tendencies often hold me back from creating and with this, I aim to encourage others to break free from their fears and “crash.” To freely make mistakes and see it as an opportunity to grow into something better instead of reprimanding yourself. The title for each piece, as well as each section, will be references to either movies, books, or films that I have found comfort in during my struggles.

    Section 1: The self

    This section talks of past traumas and struggles with the purpose to act as an introduction for the audience before delving deeper into other aspects.

    Section 2: Relationships

    This section will talk about relationships with other people, whether that be familial, platonic, or romantic. While the previous section talks about the past and going through trials, this section will talk about the present and healing from the past, acting as an interlude between the previous section and the next.

    Section 3: Dreams

    Finally, this section will close up the book with hopes of the future, talking about possibilities as well as hopes for the future. This section is a conclusion to the series as a whole.


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