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  • Violet Cowdin is a New York based (Missouri raised) video artist and comedian. Her work fuses the worlds of comedy and fine art to create aesthetically layered explorations of humor. While in the photo program at Parsons she participated in internships at late night shows, HBO, and other networks which helped her realize her interest and passion for television. Using this mixed background, Violet aims to continue to produce and write shows that bring different depth and connections to the world of comedy. Her most recent work, a 17 minute comedy special, focuses on her queer identity and mental health.

  • Within this 17 minute experimental comedy and video piece, Violet Cowdin attempts to dissect the structures of queer identity, gender, and performance by playing a multitude of characters and facets of herself. The special takes the form of television channels, flipping back and forth between mediums and topics to contrast and create new conversations. Using stand up, sketches, and experimental video art, the artist questions her own aesthetic and concepts throughout the work. Through this form, Violet talks about her childhood in Missouri, and how her queerness and mental health have shaped the way she views the world. The video based work leans into low-fi experimentation in order to mimic and make fun of her obstacles, as well as emulate a child-like sense of making.