• Bryan Berrios

  • Transformation

  • Bryan Berrios is a Venezuelan photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. His main interests are in exploring the most, organic, raw, and energetic forms of art through video, sound, and photography. He was raised in Venezuela and moved alone to New York City to escape from the corruption crisis that presently rules the country. He has done several music videos, has worked for brands such as LVMH and PAPER and he's currently finishing a photo and film program at Parsons School of Design and works as a freelancer.

  • Throughout the thesis I’m discovering all the aspects of my own personal transformation that I resonate with. I’m dividing those aspects into episodes or short films. I’m almost creating my own low budget show with episodes, and each episode it’s a different way where I’ve transformed with, told with different characters, genres, music, and editing style. Through this project I explore a constant uncertainty that turns into a transformation on myself regarding my creative process, my sexuality, my confidence, my relationship with technology and my identity, by producing and executing intuitive experimental and narrative films that explore these concepts. I’m using my skills as a filmmaker to find the ways I’ve transform as a person through dramatization with different characters and narrative styles. There’s something that triggers me when a piece of video can take me somewhere else. And that’s my goal in all my short films. Whether it is an experimental or a narrative film, my movies reveal something that feeds into my style. They all have that “something” that people around me have been able to identify. I create this energy throughout the shorts where all the characters are going through my transformation.