Temptation on Earth

  • Scott Bowlby

  • Temptation on Earth

  • "Scott Bowlby is a Canadian-born photographer and art director exploring an experimental approach to menswear and the male form. Originally from Toronto, Scott moved to New York and is expected to graduate from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography this year, with a concentration in fashion and queer narratives. His work is constructed with an intent to enlist a sense of desire. "

  • Temptation on Earth is a monochromatic photographic project that presents my artistic confrontation with prescribed queer narratives. Through a visual exploration of the queer gaze, the project examines what happens when one is unable to fit stereotypes by embracing a restless conflict of self-pride and shame. The work explores sexual awakening, an innate desire for connection, and a lusting for disillusion to combat past emotions. The project’s visual erotism prompts the viewer to question their own inner sense of voyeurism. Temptation on Earth uses a multitude of technical tools to explore a spectrum of visibility and, ultimately, questions the male form as a basis of warped expectations.