Not Safe for Work

  • Jade Fernandez

  • Not Safe for Work

  • Jade Fernandez is a New York and Miami based photographer. Studied at Parsons School of Design for Photography and Eugene Lang School of Liberal Arts for Literary Studies with a double concentration in Journalism and Creative writing. As a writer and photographer my work often explores female sexuality and the roles sex plays into real lives in marginalized groups such as sex workers. The aesthetics in my work creates intimate glance of a voyeur peering a world of discredited humans, creating a journalistic and poetic element to humanize individuals.

  • Not Safe for Work: For Us, By Us focuses on humanizing lives of sex workers and emphasizing consensual sex work by creating a human to human connection through narrative being visually and audibly being told through portraits. I used the presentation of an audio slideshow to create a compelling and intimate stories that allows the audience to hear and see the subject of a story, creating a connection between who the story is about and the viewer that has chosen to listen. It will be speaking on how human connection is detrimental to sex work and how now in present time that challenges being able to do so as well as how sex work may look in the future post pandemic.