Les trajets lumineux et sereins

  • Celeste Hutchings

  • Les trajets lumineux et sereins

  • Celeste Hutchings is a Canadian interdisciplinary photographer, collage artist, and designer. Her work explores the sacred in everyday life and the transformative powers of harmony and introspection. Working in series, she often mixes poetry, collage, photography, and alternative practices to create layered and meditative works. The motivation for each piece is to create space for self-refection, acceptance, forgiveness, and transformation. While all works are primarily autobiographic, Hutchings communicates in a way that speaks to collective experiences of consciousness. In 2020 she is receiving her BFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design. Hutchings lives and works in New York City.

  • Les trajets lumineux et sereins is a 5”x 7” x 0.75” encased artist book collection. It contains three multi-media volumes that explore manifestations of the divine in life. Each volume successively contemplates these experiences on a personal, mundane, and social level.

    “Volume I: Une joie de vivre” is a non-linear accordion book made of anecdotal poetic writing interwoven with collage. It maps out my life in connection to self-acceptance and experiences of cyclical transformation. Themes include altered vision, strife, strength, compassion, and transmutation.

    “Volume II: Les éclats silencieux” is a photobook dedicated to noticing the joy of serendipity and the value of being present in your environment. It focuses on playing with the formal composition and colour of a collection of photographs I took while traveling. The goal of which is to highlight visual pleasure in unassuming subjects.

    “Volume III: L’allègement d’avoir reconnu” is a rice-paper folio of a color manipulated photograph and inserted poem. The photograph is an architectural detail of the Lecce Cathedral in Apulia, Italy. While the poem speaks to spirituality and the extraterrestrial in what we consider to be normal.

    All together this project is a spiritual gift that celebrates the harmony of connecting with life.