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  • "Born in Baltimore but working out of NYC, Kylie G Bryant is a conceptual artist and photographer with a focus on book making. Exploring themes of religion, memory, and horror through the mediums of photography, film, and print- Kylie has been building her practice through art based higher education since 2012. A soon to be graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she is pursuing opportunities in gallery work and studio production. She can be contacted at"

  • In my thesis I am exploring themes of generational trauma, spirituality, and mental illness
    through photographs of places important to my family history and portraits of my family
    members. I recently found out that my father is convinced he was possessed by a demon ten years ago, and this revelation sparked a debate. Was he really possessed, or was he at the worst of his chronic mental illness? I began this project to figure out if my family’s long history of tragedy and bad luck is due to supernatural or psychological influence. Through investigation of locations of generational trauma in the method of paranormal investigation, using tools of the trade like laser grids, I came to a conclusion somewhere in the middle of “mental illness or demon infestation” . My conclusion was that a ghost is a subjective idea that is dependent on its affects on a person or environment, not form. Due to this subjectivity I concluded that a mental illness could be a demon in the case that it causes a certain amount of emotional turmoil.