Eva: A Spiritual Investigation of Menstrual Blood

  • Elizabeth M. Sochka

  • Eva: A Spiritual Investigation of Menstrual Blood

  • "Elizabeth M. Sochka (b. 1998) is a New York based–artist who specializes in conceptual photography. She is currently attending Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang at The New School, studying Photography and Culture and Media, respectively. In addition to art, Elizabeth is passionate about music and its relationship to math. Feminism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and mental health struggles—all important aspects of her life—inform her art. "

  • EVA: A Spiritual Investigation of Menstrual Blood uses menses, honey, and milk to elicit feelings of disgust and beauty in the context of biblical symbolism. Using image play, color tone, and juxtaposition create a conversation between videos that show the process of image-making and the resulting photographs.

    Pouring these substances onto a mirror creates a space to reflect on their inherent power and energy. In various ancient cultures, different combinations of these have played a role in worship and ritual through various mythologies, including Eve and the burden of her story. Disgust is a natural reaction to something that seemingly should not be outside of the body, though, in this case, it must be. The use of blood is meant to elicit a visceral reaction in those who view the work. It is meant to both shock and delight people.

    I create images and videos to cause some level of physical resonance in the viewer. I want to convey the energies and emotions I feel from others, while maintaining distance, as physical contact can cause me anxiety. My art is centered on feminine energies and the female body. The work consists of photographs and a video of the process.