Damn Feelings

  • Kathryn Burress

  • Damn Feelings

  • Kathryn is from Cincinnati, OH, and has loved photography since the first time she picked up a camera as a toddler. In addition to photography, Kathryn is also passionate about cosmetics, technology, animals, and digital media. Kathryn's most recent work explores her mental health struggles. Kathryn enjoys incorporating her love of video games into her work, as well as creating dialogue on the consumption of the excess amount of art available in a digital age.

  • After almost four years of struggling to find happiness in my adult life in New York City, I decided to create, “Damn Feelings”, a body of work that focuses on my experiences with depression and anxiety. “Damn Feelings” uses graphic composition and recurring colors to create themes of isolation and rigidity, illustrating my mental health struggles as well as the comforts that I seek in difficult times.
    I will be showcasing “Damn Feelings” in digital galleries in the video games Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Sims 4, to allow my work to be accessible during social distancing, and to open up a dialogue on the way we consume the excess amount of art available in a digital age.