Another Casualty in Damascus

  • Ahmed Alramly

  • Another Casualty in Damascus

  • Ahmed Alramly is a writer and photographer based in New York. He moved to New York from London in 2015 to pursue a degree in photography at Parsons School of Design. In the pursuit of a career in photography, he’s shot for the likes of Interview Magazine, Vogue Italia, Paper Magazine, and Document Journal. He was featured in 2016 as one of the eight forefront creatives in New York in Amuse Magazine, under i-D Magazine. His photographs have also been featured in two exhibitions in New York, titled Rubbish and Clear Eyes, in 2015 and 2016. He is publishing a book, Another Casualty in Damascus, in 2020.

  • My book, titled Another Casualty in Damascus, details two years, and continuing, of my search for a cure to a longstanding acid trip. Composed of essays and photographs, the book explores themes such as beliefs, the self, perception, grief, and addiction – to name a few. Alongside the book, in the form of a visual essay, a film exploring the themes outlined in a particular essay about a road trip serves to delve into the “illusion” of America as I explore in my book. I use the search for a cure as a platform to critique cultural differences, as well as shedding light on the human condition in a situation where there is no cure, and using a range of mediums to communicate that distress – documenting the journey, analysing it, coming to understand it. Presented here are some of the photographs included in the book.