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  • Amanda Delgadillo is a New York-based editorial and commercial portrait photographer. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Amanda immersed herself in the performing arts industry and often photographs Broadway performers and professional dancers in New York City. She is fluent in both digital and film photography and is an avid traveler. Her work can be described as vibrant, on-location, and personable. On top of editorials, Amanda is a big sports fan and has experience in sports photography. Amanda hopes to branch out into shooting more editorial work for magazines and online publications.

  • My thesis project is centered around young artists in the performing arts industry in New York City. This ranged from Broadway performers, professional ballerinas, and aspiring performers. Before COVID-19, I was in the beginning stages of my project. I was sitting down and photographing my subjects and just speaking with them about what it is like to be so young and at the top of your game in the industry and also some of the mental health repercussions that can come with it. I was planning on going back into their respective work environments (dance studios, backstage, etc.) and creating raw and candid photographs that are less posed than the ones I have showcased here. That way, the images would stand alone as a depiction of vulnerability in such a demanding industry. At the stage that they are in, they are mere portraits of young performers in New York viewed from a more editorial standpoint that could be used for personal or commercial purposes.