Forever In Transit

  • Adrian David

  • Forever In Transit

  • Adrian was born and raised in Northern California. His parents immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines but only met while gambling in Reno, Nevada. After graduating high school he took his first job with a company called Hummus Heaven selling hummus at local farmers markets around the Bay Area. He owes a lot of his motivation to take photographs to the work of Robert Frank. He now lives in Brooklyn New York and will be graduating with a BFA in photography from Parsons School of Design.

  • Photography helps me cope and process the world. I get overwhelmed and by taking pictures I am able to stop time, digest – absorb and reflect. I have a deep connection with the black and white photograph, it is of reality but a step removed. It’s a language in which I can more fluidly communicate what is difficult for me to express in words. Forever In Transit, an accumulation of images created within the span of the past two years (2019 – 2020). The title alludes to a state of drifting, wondering, wandering. To be lost and constantly in motion.
    The majority of my work has been of strangers with the exception of the three images of my family during my brother’s funeral. I decided then, that the camera would aid me to confront reality. To make peace with it. For better or worse, documenting was the only thing I had to offer.
    The amount of control we possess over our lives is equal to the amount of control that we do not. I have enough control to say that I was here, like the man on the subway with the writing on his jacket.

    This work will materialize into a book.
    As of now the work is ongoing.